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Tera Hunting Bot

A hunting bot or fighting bot for tera is software designed to level your character up without any effort required on your part. A bot designed to hunt mobs will automatically detect nearby enemies and attack them, which earns you exp and gold while you let the bot do the work.

Bot Features:

  • Automatic Hunting of NPCs
  • Detects and attacks NPCs
  • Configure attack range and various settings
  • Auto-aiming NPC targeting
  • Looting Support
  • Radar

You might want to level a character to 50, or farm gold at 50 to purchase weapons, gear, items or support your guild. For both of these purposes a bot can help you to level a character, or farm gold. A bot can hunt mobs of any level that range from 1-50, using any character class in just about any area.

Because tera has a different combat system than most mmorpgs, programming a bot is more difficult, but still possible with features like automatically aiming at enemies in order to ensure the bot is hitting them. This means there are not many tera bots, and there is a much lower chance of being caught botting.

Because playing tera can become a huge grind with repetitive quests and hundreds of mobs to kill, using a bot to automate the less interesting parts of the game makes sense. You may still want to take part in open world pvp, battlegrounds, raids, the political system, or other ingame content, but skip all the grind to farm gold to keep your character up to par. With a tera bot that is easily possible.

Botting in Tera is also quite safe. The game has only minor anti-cheat to stop basic speedhacks, but has no bot detection, making botting quite safe to do. While there is always a risk of being banned, it is much lower than in other games with anti-cheat like battlefield 3 or world of warcraft.

If you’re interested in skipping the grind in Tera and putting your leveling or farming on autopilot, be sure to check out our Tera Bot & Tera Hack combo.

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